Killings are a routine in Balochistan province but that has also deeply affected other provinces recently. At this crucial juncture, when the country is already facing a lot of crises on various fronts, these killings have increased the intensity of deprivation and isolation in Balochistan. President of Pakistan, PM, and the leaders of all other political parties should visit Balochistan to show solidarity with the people and the government of Balochistan. We need to show that we care. The perpetrators behind the latest heinous incident, the kidnapping and killing of three Baloch leaders, must be arrested and punished. Balochistan is an important lifeline of Pakistan and our government as well as all heads of important institutions should keep a vigilant eye on the foreign elements that are deliberately creating unrest and disturbance in Balochistan. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, April 13.