KARACHI - The proposed two-day holiday by the govt to overcome the energy crisis will hit the export of the country. According to an analyst, the propositions of two days off is going to hit the one day export that will cause the loss of billions to the economy of the country. Government should take other steps to overcome the energy crisis otherwise it will be a setback for the economy, he added. Doctor Nadeem Ahmed another economic analyst told TheNation that the Gross Domestic Product of one day will decrease through this step as the labourers and the private sector could not work for one day. He said that the other alternative should be taken by the government as it is the matter of the employment of the people who are still not being able to afford bread and butter. Zahid Hussain, a senior journalist, while talking with TheNation told that there are several other alternatives available to overcome the energy crisis. If the govt try to take steps as the other countries are producing the energy through wind turbines which is a cheap way for the cause.