LAHORE - The PIA stood second among the worst performing airlines in terms of irregularity and delays in departure in the worldwide category of major international carriers including Air China, Jet Airways in India, Turkish Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas. An American co revealed in its report that all these airlines are still serving with the exception of Air China, whose operations are suspended. PIA , Turkish Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas are the scheduled national airlines, while the other two are private, report said. According to Flight Stats, a service provided by an American information company Conducive Technology Corp, the list categorises airlines in terms of on time departure, delays and schedule regularity. FlightStats spokesman David Whites suggested that national efficiency was a prevailing theme in getting there on time. He said, noting that the worst performers in the worldwide category of major international carriers. Japan Airlines International was the number one carrier in the world for on-time performance last year, with Southwest and Hawaiian Airlines leading the way in North America, according to a report issued in this regard. Japan Airlines flights were on-time 90.95% of the time worldwide, far exceeding the industry average of 78.31%, according to FlightStats. He said that IATA is a regulatory body and its staff conduct audit of the airlines every year and pay surprise visit to check the different departments of the airline. To compile information regarding regularity said company never corresponded us what would be the credibility of its report, he concluded.