Our Staff Reporter KARACHI - Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Muhammad Saeed Shafiq has expressed deep concern and dissatisfaction over proposal of 5-days working week/ two-weekly holidays in the name of energy conservation. Saeed Shafiq, in a statement, said that last year, the practice of 5-days working week particularly for banks, customs and ports had severely hampered the business activities. On the demand of business community, the Customs and Ports were de-notified while banking services remain unavailable on Saturdays. President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry forcefully urged the government to exclude banks, Customs and Ports from observing five-day week. He said that nowhere in the world banks were closed when the commerce and industrial sector is operative even in the countries where 5-days week is observed and commercial banks remain open on Saturday. Exporters maintaining trade ties with Gulf countries faced additional elimination of Friday being observed as holiday in Gulf, he added. Saeed said that same is for the customs and ports and they cannot be close down for two days as their closure will stop valuable exports of this country and timely clearance of imported goods. Saeed Shafiq voiced that conservation was need of the day but same must not be done while penalizing the commerce and industry and ultimately this will severely impede the business activities leading to decline in governments revenue and economic instability. He was of the view that to curtail the government expenditure and conserve energy, austerity measures should be taken to minimise and control the management and administrative costs, however, two-weekly-holidays would not be a good practice in vogue and would inculcate to indolent attitude of public sector staff. He said that previously the two-weekly holidays to conserve energy proved as a futile exercise which never brought desired results. He urged to defer the proposal of two-weekly-holidays for public sector institutions, customs, ports and banks for the interest of the country and economy.