Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani reinforcing Governments stance on drone strikes has said that these attacks are turning public support against our efforts against terrorism, which remains the key to success. These views were relayed to Admiral Michael G. Mullen, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff (CJCS), United States who called on Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Thursday, according to ISPR. The COAS reinforced Governments stance on drone strikes and emphasized that these not only undermine our national effort against terrorism but turn public support against our efforts, which remains the key to success, the ISPR said. The COAS highlighted that Pakistan Armys ongoing operations are a testimony of our national resolve to defeat terrorism. He strongly rejected negative propaganda of Pakistan not doing enough and Pakistan Armys lack of clarity on the way forward. According to ISPR, Admiral Mullen lauded the sacrifices and efforts of People of Pakistan and its security forces and reassured that security ties will not be allowed to unravel between the two armed forces. The COAS and CJCS acknowledged that evolving Pak-US strategic relation was important for the achievement of mutual long term objectives of comprehensive security of both the countries. Both of them underscored the centrality of reciprocal respect towards each others sovereignty, upholding of universal principle of value of human life and above all the long sought after goal of addressing the trust deficit between the institutions as well as the people on both the sides. Mullen has arrived in Pakistan for talks on security issues, focusing on the anti-terror war and how to ease tension between the two allies. Pakistan and the United States have increased talks to ease the months of tension between the two countries particularly between the intelligence agencies over key issues, including the U.S. drone strikes and clandestine CIA operations.