ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan is working on a mechanism in order to address the issue of false details of assets, which the parliamentarians often provide in their returns submitted with ECP. Addressing a related query, Secretary ECP Ishtiak Ahmed Khan informed this at a media briefing on Wednesday, after the ECP made public the assets details of Member National Assembly (MNAs), most of which were unbelievably absurd. The wealth details of several mighty parliamentarians submitted with ECP are not only ridiculously funny but deeply regrettable as well, to say the least. A person as privileged as Head of State, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is shown 'carless in his assets returns while majority of other MPs has committed similar blunders presumably to hoodwink general public. When asked how to stop this practice of submission of false details by parliamentarians in the ECP, the Secretary ECP said that the Commission was working on devising a mechanism in this regard that would come into being soon. He hinted that proposal to grant ECP the financial and administrative autonomy was being given consideration at the highest level and 'good news in this regard was to come soon. Ishtiak Ahmed Khan said that passage of a bill in the National Assembly, related to declaring Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) as obligatory to cast vote was a welcoming step to abolish foul play in the future elections. The Parliament, civil society, media and the entire nation are to be congratulated for this milestone achieved the other day, he opined. To a query, the ECP chief said that the devolution of Higher Education Commission (HEC) would not affect the legal action to be initiated against fake degree holders by the ECP. He said that the process to proceed against fake degree holder MPs would be expedited. Khan hinted that the local bodies (LB) elections could be held next year. He dispelled this impression that after the passage of the 18th Amendment, the non-implementation of the 18th Amendments provisions regarding restructuring of ECP had adversely affected its functioning and performance. This is not true, he said, adding that the ECP was performing its duties as usual to deal with the issues like fake degrees, unification bloc and preparation of new ERs. Regarding the preparation of new electoral rolls, he said that the ER 2011 would be prepared by the end of this year and ECP was working in close coordination with National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) in this regard. The door-to-door service, Ishtiak said, in order to verify the number of families in connection with the ER 2011, would start in July this year.