There have been sixty-three years to our independencebut we have notbeen able to bring in our country an economic system which is based on fair play and equity where everyone achieves something in terms of earned money out ofhis/her effort. There are a few in the country who have millions and billions of rupees and accordingly have been enjoying their lives at will. But on the other hand, there is majority of those who really find it difficult to have two meals a day; leave alone the question of any enjoyment in their lives. This inequality in their lives on the basis of "haves and haves not" has created a big gap in the society which in turn has given birth to many class conflictswithin thesame. If we wanta society based on equality and fair play, then we have to create economic opportunities for poor class of our country so that they arealso able to live their lives in an honourable manner. In doing away with the economic inequalities lies our real progress and prosperity. Otherwise, as present, our nation would be heading towards further sufferings and troubles. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, April 20.