LAHORE (PPI) - Hope Rehabilitation Society distributed free artificial limbs among ten disabled. These limbs were distributed under Hope Rehabilitation Societys on-going project Limbs for All while Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison sponsored the disabled. In a ceremony held at Hope Rehabilitation Center, Johar Town, the District Governor of Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison Shahzad Ahmed, Ms Shaheen Ahmad, SEI Pervez, Humayun Khan, visiting Chairman Al Mustafa Welfare Trust International UK Abdul Razzaq Sajid and others attended the event. Dr Khalid Niazi during his address said that Hope Society would also offer free adjustment limbs to all disabled persons. He stressed the disabled persons that they must care their limbs for sake of long time benefit. Shahzad Ahmed of Rotary Club Lahore Garrison praised Hope Society for its contribution to provide modern artificial limbs among the deserving and needy persons and assured that both organisations would continue joint welfare projects in future.