While going for a walk in CC sector park of DHA I came across a yellow mega bus stuck against a tree stump on street 6 on a turn with frightened school children in the bus. The huge bus would not move forward or backward. I telephoned the DHA security to come to the rescue of stranded school bus. The mega size school buses cannot be plied on the narrow inner service streets of DHA and it shows abysmally low planning of DHA authorities to send such huge buses for school children. What they need are small commuter wagons to pick up children from their houses. The large buses have no place on small streets of DHA, which only exposes the small children to hazardous accidents in such oversized buses. DHA lacks any semblance of planning to allow such buses on DHA streets and ought to be held responsible for rank carelessness. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, April 18.