The arrival of water in national reservoirs has dropped by 12,000 cusecs while the water level in Tarbela Dam has risen up to 15 feet and in Mangla Dam to 72 feet from dead level. According to the officials of Indus River System Authority (IRSA), after reduction in the arrival by 3,400 cusecs the water level in Tarbela Dam has gone up to 14.94 feet from the dead level. The usable water reservoir in Tarbela Dam has increased to 188,000 acre feet and the water level has risen to 1392.94 feet while the arrival and filling of water was 31,400 cusecs and release of water was 15,000 cusecs. Due to less water availability 11 units of Tarbela remained closed and production of the electricity dropped to 150 megawatts only. Mangala Dams water arrival and filling reduced by 8,000 cusecs while its usable water reservoir has increased to 881,000 acre feet. The water level of Mangla Dam has risen to 1112.10 feet; arrival and filling of water was 62,600 cusecs while release of water was 35,000 cusecs.