ISLAMABAD - Without mentioning the alleged clandestine deal between the PPP government and PML-Q, Opposition Leader Ch Nisar Ali Khan told the National Assembly that he sees another National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Coming down hard on the government, he said the rulers were introducing NRO to secure their position. The way the government is using the world 'reconciliation was obvious from their policies towards judiciary and media. They want to run this country according to their wishes , Nisar said alleging that the national exchequer was being used on party functions. On drone attacks, Nisar said the Air Chief had stated that Pakistan has the capability to shoot down drones and the Defence Minister endorsed it, but a minister denies such powers. If the House is sovereign, lets call Air Chief in this House and ask, he said, adding: if the army cant defend the country then there was no reason for such a huge army. He went on: We should go to tribal areas and sit there for a month to protest drones attacks and show solidarity with our tribal people. Responding to the PMs statement that the ISI DG visited the US with governments consent, Nisar said he never asked that who allowed the visit, he just questioned the purpose of his visit. He again demanded a briefing on his visit to the US and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the PML legislators raised slogans against President Zardari, drone attacks and other public issues in the House. Later, responding to Nisar, Minister for Religious Affairs Khursheed Shah said those who talk about the sovereignty of the House were using the same language and slogans that were used during the tenure of a dictator. He said it was not appropriate to raise slogans against President Zardari, who is also PPP co-Chairman. Tolerate us for five years then let the people decide. We will have to give respect to our leaders. Lets unite to strengthen this Parliament. We apologize if we are guilty but even you do not like to say sorry, Khursheed said. In response, Nisar said there was no personal clash between PPP and PML-N and the slogans were chanted when he was out for prayer. However, he said the minister should also take notice of the slogans of their members in Punjab Assembly against Punjab CM. Qamar Zaman Kaira, who is a spokesman of PPP said in the past PML-Q was the part of PML-N and now it does not look good to them but the Government wants to empower political parties and also welcomes MQM in Punjab. He said the PML-N has never been a friendly opposition and he played a real role of an opposition. Interestingly, PML-Qs Awais Leghari said his party would not join the government till PPP apologizes for terming them Qatil League.