BRUSSELS (APP) - Chairman Parliamentary Kashmir Committee Maulana Fazlur Rehman said international stakeholders need to pay special attention to the core dispute of Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Similarly, peace and stability in Afghanistan is mandatory for the reconciliatory process which would bring about peace and prosperity not only for Afghanistan but for the entire region, Maulana Fazlur Rehman said in the Inter-Parliamentary meetings with members of European Parliament. The members belonged to committees on relations with South Asia, Foreign Affairs Committee, International Trade Committee and Sub-Committee on Human Rights in the European Parliament. He said the peaceful solution of Kashmir is the prerequisite of peace in the region while the use of force is not the solution for any problem rather it requires a political solution. Chairman Kashmir Committee currently is visiting Brussels along with Dr. Attiya Inayatullah MNA (PML-Q) and Ayaz Sadiq MNA PML-N to seek the support of EU Parliament members and NATO on Kashmir. Maulana Fazlur Rehman said Pakistan condemns drone attacks as they have proved counter productive resulting in loss of innocent lives. Pakistan has also suffered tremendous economic and human losses due to its involvement in war on terror, therefore Pakistan desires to have trade with EU countries and not aid for economic development, the Chairman Kashmir Committee informed the special inter parliamentary meetings held under the Chairpersonship of Ms Jean Lambart who while commending Pakistans role as a frontline state in war against terror acknowledged Pakistans tremendous sacrifices. The delegation stressed that military operations alone will not provide a long term answer to creating a secure and peaceful environment in the area. A comprehensive approach, involving all stake holders, massive reconstruction of the region and poverty alleviation is the solution for a successful outcome of the international engagement. The delegation also gave Pakistans point of view on the security situation in the region as well as Pakistans proactive efforts at establishing peace in the region. Dilating up the deteriorating situation as a result of airstrikes, the parliamentarians called for a politically and economically stable Afghanistan so that the process of dialogue may get a chance to restore peace in the area. They also reiterated Pakistans stance that a suitable solution for Kashmir according to aspiration of Kashmiri people is in the vital interest of Pakistan. The country would welcome the mediatory role of European Parliament to solve core irritant between India and Pakistan. Ambassador of Pakistan Jalil Abbas Jilani informed the members about the difficulties currently posed at WTO level by Indias reluctance to agree on EU initiative for trade access for Pakistan to EU following the floods. Earlier, the delegation had meetings with a number of high ranking NATO officials including the Acting Assistant Secretary General on Public Diplomacy Dr Stefanie Babst, Assistant Secretary General PASP, Ambassador Dirk Brengelmann and Assistant Secretary General Operations Martin Howard. A comprehensiv ongoing NATOs operation in Afghanistan. The discussions were devoted to the developments of the situation in Afghanistan and insurgency over boarder with Pakistan. Special emphasis was laid on NATO-Pakistan relations especially close ties and collaboration with Pakistan, as Pakistan is the key partner for stability of the region. Besides, the delegation had meetings with members of EU-Pakistan Friendship Group under the chairmanship of Sajjad Karim British MEP, who briefed them about the efforts of the group to strengthen ties with other MEPs to safeguard interests of Pakistan. He termed Pakistan as an important country for the European Union with reference to trade and security matters. The delegation also had meetings with the President of the Belgian Chambers of Representatives and called on the President of European Parliament Jerzy Buzek and exchanged views on matters of mutual interest.