ISLAMABAD - Chairman Special Public Accounts Committee, Riaz Hussein Pirzada, lashed out at representations of ministry of commerce on Wednesday who claimed that valuable including gold and silver medals worth Rs 6.886 million were destroyed as a result of an incident of fire which erupted in Export Promotion Building in Karachi years ago. Im finding much difficulty to convince myself that medals of pure gold and silver were melted down as the building caught fire, Pirzada wondered. Director General Audit (FG) Syed Gulzar Hasnain suggested the PAC to issue directives to ministry of commerce to get the matter inquired by a third party, as it was impossible that medals were melted down completely. Sir, melting point of pure gold and Silver is 1064.43 C (1337.5801 K/1947.9741 F) and 961 C (1761 F) respectively; keeping in view these figures, it is hard to believe that the medals were destroyed completely as the temperature of incidental fire does not touch that limit normally, DG audit (FG) Gulzar Hasnain said while successfully convincing all of the participants of Special PAC. Agreeing with the Auditor General (FG), Pirzada directed Secretary Commerce Zafar Mahmood to inquire the matter and report to PAC within 15 days. During the hearing of Public Accounts Committee, Chairman Riaz Pirzada asked Secretary Commerce to make sure timely procurement of wheat. Briefing the committee, the secretary commerce informed the committee that surplus wheat production would be obtained this season. However, he added, it was responsibility of the provincial governments and PASSCO to procure wheat from farmers and commerce ministry has no role to play. Wheat was being exported without compromising on food security, he held. Followed by information of audit, which pointed out that various departments were not obeying the Prime Ministers order in connection with energy conservation, the PAC decided to write a warning letter to heads of all departments to make sure fair use of energy.