RAWALPINDI - Teaching is one of the most sacred professions as a teacher prepares a child for the world and how a child reacts to different situations and what his mindset will be, is determined to a great extent by the quality of learning that he has undergone in his learning years.

Secretary Education Board Rawalpindi Raja Atta stated this while addressing a ceremony held under the auspicious of Jinnah Institute of Informatics and Commerce (JIIC). Hundreds of various schoolteachers and private school owners participated the ceremony.

Chief Executive JIIC Pirzada Rahat Quddusi - who hosted the ceremony - addressing on the occasion said in fact, no country has made progress without educated citizens and no region has prospered without good schools and universities.

Quddusi said if young people are not equipped today with the education, skill and guided exposure necessary for the accomplishment of tomorrow’s challenges, a better tomorrow will die prematurely in our untrained hands. “Teachers should keep in their mind the onus of responsibility they have on their shoulders to prepare students for future challenges,” Pirzada Rahat Quddusi added.