KARACHI - The administration of Karachi’s district central has confiscated 2,000kg of meat that was being subjected to water pressure infusion so as not only to artificially increase weight of the flesh but also create a false fresh impression at grave risk to the public health.

According to available reports illegal abattoirs, and in certain instances even registered slaughter houses in the city are indulged in a tactic that not only help restore pinkish tinge of stale meat but also creates an artificial heaviness as water pressure pumps are used to fill veins with water.

The practice not only causes bacterial infections among unassuming consumers but many of them find meat turning black as is cooked by them being cheated of their hard earned money. Deputy Commissioner, Karachi (Central), Dr. Syed Saif ur Rehman, on Thursday, taking notice of the public complaints from North Karachi area, directed Assistant Commissioner to look into the issue and consequently an illegal slaughter house, near Gosht Market, in New Karachi Number Five, Sector 11 F was raided and three of the butchers were arrested.

They were caught red handed subjecting meat to extremely hazardous for public health.