LAHORE – The non-stop loadshedding continued in the City on Friday with two to three hours persisting power cuts in some areas. Overall loadshedding duration crossed 12 hours in the limits of the Lesco while the rural areas of Punjab are facing above 18 hours shutdown.

Sources said the Nation Grid was facing 6,000MW shortfall as the countrywide demand was hovering around 15,000MW against the available generation of mere 9,500MW.

The IPPs are generating 5,115 MW and thermal plants are providing 1,422MW of electricity. The hydel generation has restrained to 2,957 megawatts as water level in Tarbela Dam has been falling and reached at dead-level. The inflow at Tarbela was 28,100 cusec while the outflow was noted 27,500 cusec.

The Pepco spokesperson said the decrease in electricity generation was due to shortage of gas and oil supply.

Furthermore, the he added, the low hydel generation was the reason behind the decrease in overall electricity generation.