LAHORE – The civilian security service, Intelligence Bureau (IB) after pleading its case with the government for quite sometime, has finally succeeded in getting a raise on the pattern of the pay package already enjoyed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Islamabad Capital Police (ICT) and Motorway Police, The Nation has learnt.

A copy of the enhanced pay package dispatched by the Finance Division (Regulations Wing) to the IB authorities available with TheNation states that the division referring to IB Summary No.2/C/2011 (22) F 11 dated 01-08-2011 informs the Director General IB that consequent upon approval by the Prime Minister, the division conveys its concurrence for Pay Package for the IB employees with affect from 01-05-2012 as under: Special Allowance equal to one month basic pay subject to cessation of 50 percent Ad-hoc Relief Allowance from the same date. Twenty (20) days fixed Daily Allowance (DA) per month to Intelligence Bureau employees. An IB official informed this correspondent on Friday that the new pay package would be implemented on the running basic salary, resultantly doubling their pay, adding that they would also get 20 percent further increase in their salaries as promised by the government in the upcoming budget to all government servants. He told that former DG IB, Javed Noor has taken up the case of pay package for the organization on the pattern of FIA, ICT and Motorway Police last year and it was further pursued by the current head of the agency, Aftab Sultan, which finally proved fruitful and the ‘demoralized security service’ got the raise. The official is of the view that the IB, which is otherwise considered as a ‘toothless organization’ in the intelligence community, will get a morale boost with the increase and it will definitely improve its performance, primarily responsible for the internal security of the country. The IB, he said despite rendering sacrifices in the line of duty has not been duly compensated since the Musharaf regime, while the increase would certainly address one of the problems of the agency. However, he added that the matter relating to agency’s requirements, which makes it a toothless secret service still needs attention in a bid to convert it into a real internal security apparatus, as it was during the government of late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto.

Another official of the agency sees the increase an effort on part of the government to accelerate the working capacity of the IB employees keeping in view the possibilities of early elections.