KARACHI - Altaf Hussain said on Friday that his party, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, is the only political group against which a racist propaganda has been started to keep the people at bay from its revolutionary ideology and philosophy.

The MQM was, said Hussain, being subjected to the worst form of prejudice and discrimination. He recalled that when former city nazim Mustafa Kamal’s name came on the list of the world’s three best mayors, no reception, luncheon or dinner was hosted to honour him for bringing glory and fame to Pakistan. He regretted that those preparing lists for national awards could not see the face of Mustafa Kamal, as they had prejudice and bias against the MQM. He further said that Kamal had been praised for his development works even by the chief justice of Pakistan. He also said that Governor Ishratul Ebad was the longest serving governor in the country and everyone was happy with his performance, but he was deprived of national honour.

He said although the MQM had the majority in the Sindh Assembly in 1997, but it was denied the office of the chief minister under one pretext or the other another. He asked if this was not a flagrant act of prejudice and discrimination.