LAHORE – The Bhoja Airlines plane that crashed near Chaklala Airbase, killing all the passengers on-board, was a more than 40 years old version of the Boeing.The ‘obsolete’ version Boeing 737-200 has either been banned or phased out in many countries of the world.It includes the United States, while the EU has banned many airlines from Africa and Asia, which still use this aircraft.The real cause of the tragedy could only be established after analysing the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), said an aviation expert on Friday. He said it would be premature to say something about the cause of incident before decoding the FDR and CVR.He was of the view that through the CVR recordings, experts could examine the last 30-minute conversation between the pilot and the Air Traffic Control (ATC), which help establishing the reason behind the crash.Apparently, there could be two reasons behind the crash. Firstly, it might be pilot’s error who all of the sudden enter into active weather due to which plane fell on ground within no time. Secondly, lightening could also have struck the plane due to which it caught fire and later crashed, as possibility seconded by some eyewitnesses, who said they saw the plane on fire in the air.Some circles in the CAA were of the view that it could be a human error but a PIA pilot seeking anonymity said Chief Pilot Noor Afridi was experienced and had also served in the PAF and Shaheen Airlines also.Some others said although the Bhoja Airlines received the licence from the CAA to operate these old planes, but the reasoning behind the move was unknown reasons.The airline is based in Karachi and operates on a small domestic network. It ceased operations in 2000 due to financial difficulties and succumbed to numerous debts. It was re-launched in 2011, while the first flight operated on March 6 this year. As of this month, its fleet consisted of four Boeing 737-200, including AP-BKC, AP-BKD, ZS-NNH re-registered as AP-BKE and AP-BKF. On November 07, 1993, the Bhoja Air started operations on domestic routes between Karachi, Lahore and Quetta with a leased Boeing 737-20.It was registered in Pakistan making Bhoja the first private airline in the country to operate a Western-manufactured aircraft. On January 24, 1998 Bhoja Air commenced international flights from Karachi to Dubai. Later, it operated flights to the UAE from all major cities of Pakistan. However due to financial difficulties Bhoja Air suspended its operations in 2000, although its licence remained valid and it maintained a fully functional head office in Karachi.