Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik Saturday said that criminal aspect of the Bhoja air crash could not be ruled out.

Interacting with media persons here in Islamabad, Malik said although according to international experts the weather is the main cause of mishap but the government is also considering its criminal aspect.

He said as per the President and the Prime Minister direction, a proper investigation team has been formed to probe into accident and the outcome would be relayed to the public.

He informed the media that black box of the ill-fated plane was sent to be de-coded which would help in the investigation adding that American Boeing Company has also offered to assist in the investigation.

Malik said the government is committed to provide all possible facilities to relatives of deceased persons while the government would bear all expenditure of transforming bodies to their native cities.

He told media that the 27 year old plane was grounded by Shaheen Airline and then Bhoja Company had taken it for the flight after getting it checked from South Africa.

Malik said security institutions have questioned the owner of company, Farooq Bhoja whose name has also been placed in Exit Control List (ECL).

Earlier talking to media at PIMS, Rehman Malik said that a thorough investigation would be made in order to find out the cause of the crash. He said two special flights will bring heirs of the victim to Islamabad from Karachi.

Malik said that action will be taken against all the culprits involved in the tragic incident of plane crash near Chaklala air base.

“Thorough investigation would be made in order to find out that who gave permission to fly an obsolete plane,” he said.

Malik said that Prime Minister Gillani and President Asif Ali Zardari directed him to take serious actions against the administration of Bhoja airline without compromising on any pressures.

Malik further said that a high level investigation committee would be formed to investigate the matter and the Prime Minister would made announcement regarding the committee.

“The investigation report would be launched publicly,” he said.

The interior minister further said that that rescue operation at the site of the incident was almost completed.

He said the government would investigate which authority allowed 27 years old plane to be operated.

“85 percent of rescue operation is completed,” Malik said adding that weather conditions were not in favor of rescue operation.

He further said that it seemed that the plane crash happened due to the bad weather conditions.

A Bhoja Air Boeing (BA) Co. 737-200 with 127 people on board crashed near Chaklala Air base. The Boeing 737 was carrying 118 passengers and nine crew members.