RAWALPINDI  – Dilapidated building of Government Elementary School Anwar ul Islam for Girls, Kamal Abad, has posed life threat to the students. A building costing Rs 1400000 was built in Dhok Sayyadan in the name of this school but this building was handed over to some other school and this school is still functioning in a torn out ruined building for the last 40 years, said parents of the girls. During 2010-11 as many as 27 primary and elementary schools were upgraded and Government Anwar ul Islam school was also included among them.

This school was nationalized in 1972 and all the nationalized schools were provided buildings but this schools is running in its own old and near to collapse building, said a group of parents.

The roofs start seeping during rainy season and it is feared it  may cave in at any time, therefore, we have started pulling out our daughters, said Noor Muhammad, a shop keeper.

The social and religious circles demanded immediate provision of new building to the school to avert any untoward incident.