ISLAMABAD  – The three-day South Asia Documentary Film Festival kicked off here Friday with captivating documentary films featuring culture and way of life in various South-Asian countries.

The Asian Study Group organized the event at Kuch Khaas, Centre for Arts, Culture and Dialogue that continues till April 22.

The documentaries being screened in the festival will take the audience on a journey through surprising aspects of culture and traditions of various South-Asian countries, said the organizers.

Award-winning documentaries like “The Beauty Academy of Kabul - Afghanistan” was screened on first day of the festival.

The 74-minute movie portrays the story that a group of Afghan-American women open a beauty salon in Kabul to teach Afghan women how to become hairdressers and beauticians.

The film gives a rare glimpse into Afghan women’s lives and documents with humour how women with very different life experiences meet and learn about each other in a spiny, puzzling and entertaining way.

Other movies including “Think Twice” from Pakistan, Inspiring Stories, “Story Telling Traditions of India,” and some other were also screened. On remaining days of the festival, documentaries on “Khayal Dharpan”, “Land of The Thunder Dragon”, “Dance and the Nation”, “Islamic Architecture of India”, “Born into Brothels”, “Small Islands, Big Impacts”, “Boxing Girls of Kabul”, “Superman of Malegaon”, “Afloat; Bangladesh Adapts to Climate Change” will be screened.