KARACHI – An all-parties huddle called on Friday by the Jafaria Alliance Pakistan sought a stern government action against the killing of innocent people in Karachi, Quetta and Gilgit.

“The government should immediately bow out if it cannot protect the people,” asserted leaders of various religious and political parties at the all-parties conference on the sectarian violence.  The APC also pleaded to the chief justice of Pakistan for justice to the families of the victims of sectarian killing in Quetta, Parachinar, Chilas, Gilgit and Karachi.

It strongly flayed the Balochistan government for its failure to provide protection to the Shia community in Quetta, and demanded that Chief Minister Aslam Raisani be sacked forthwith. The APC sought a Malakand operation-like action in Quetta, Chilas, Karachi, Gilgit, DI Khan and Parachinar to eliminate outlawed outfits that were looking to stoke sectarian violence.  The APC urged all political and religious parties to avoid relations and ties with banned outfits. It also demanded the government to restrict the movement of defunct outfits and not allow them to continue their activities by changing their names.

It also pressed the government for early arrest of the perpetrators of the Chilas tragedy, and urged it to provide alternate route to passengers of Gilgit with deployment of army. The leaders at the APC branded the incidents of sectarian violence in Quetta and Chilas as conspiracies to disturb the country’s ties with Iran and China.

In a resolution, the APC expressed solidarity with the soldiers trapped under the snow-slide in Siachan.  Those addressed the APC included JAP chief Allama Abbas Kumaili, Waseem Aftab of the MQM, Taj Haider of the PPP, ANP’s Rana Gul Afridi, Iqbal Haider of the HRCP, PML-N’s Nehal Hashmi, Bostan Ali Hoti of the PML-Q, Qazi Ahmed Noorani Siddiqui of the JUP, Subhan Ali Sahil and Aslam Rajput from the PTI, Mahfooz Yar Khan of the AML, Binoria seminary representative Qari Iqbal, Nasarullah Shajee of the JI, Maulana Shahanshah Naqvi of the SUC, Maulana Hussain Masoodi of the JAP, Maulana Mirza Yousuf of the SAC, Maulana Salahuddin of the MWW and others.