BAJAUR AGENCY - Elders of Khar tribe Thursday announced to extend full support to the administration in eliminating militant activities in the agency in addition to assuring reorganisation of peace committees and restarting of patrolling in the area.

This assurance was made by the elders of Khar tribe during a jirga with the official of administration here at the Agency head quarter Khar of Bajaur Agency. Hundreds of notable elders and political religious figures of the area participated in the jirga, while Assistant Political agent Tariq Khan and others official of the administration also attended the jirga.

The jirga of the elders was summand by the local administration following the happening of some incident in the area few days ago. Addressing the jirga Tariq khan said that the administration had fulfilled its obligation, “as a result of which peace and writ of the government has been restored in the whole region and now this is the duty of the locals to maintain the law and order situation in the area, but the people of Khar town filled to maintain the peace in the area,” he said.

He added that Khar town is very important place in the whole regain and the administration want good environment in the area and no one would be allowed to disturbed law and order situation in the Khar town. He asks the people to take active participation for the elimination of miscreant activities in the area. “This is the time the people must reorganized peace committees and restarts patrolling in the area because the situation may quickly become unfavorable in the region and for this purpose the administration need the public support,” he added.