LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has been urged through a writ petition to declare as illegal in the light of 18th Amendment the appointments of new ministers in the Federal Cabinet, and also disqualify the Prime Minister from his office who has allowed this expansion.

Petitioner lawyer Azhar Siddique stated that by appointing new minister, the Prime Minister had violated the Constitution and his oath. He stated that after the expansion of Cabinet, the PM was not an honest man according to Article 62(2)(f) and by Article 63 he had become ineligible for PM post.

He pointed out in the petition that the recent expansion in the federal cabinet was also against the 18 Amendment as after its approval, 70 percent departments had become provincial subjects. Keeping in view the ongoing scenario, induction of new ministers in the cabinet was illogical and an additional burden on the already shaky economy, the petitioner added.

He stated that billions of rupees from the national kitty were being looted by making the public fool, and the expansion in the cabinet was also done for the same purpose.

He said that people who were involved in corruption had been appointed as ministers and by doing so, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has proved himself ineligible. He requested the court to declare the appointment of new ministers invalid, and disqualify the prime minister from his office.