ISLAMABAD  - Food group imports posted negative growth of 1.69 per cent during the first three quarters of current financial year.

The country imported different food commodities worth $3.846 billion during the period from July-March 2011-12 as compared to imports of $3.912 billion during same period of last year. According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the major commodities which registered negative growth in their import during nine months of current financial year included wheat (unmilled) 100 percent, sugar 97.77 percent, soyabean oil 26.16 percent and dry fruit and nuts 0.27 percent.

During the period under review, the import of pulses also remained on down track as its imports decreased by 8.52 percent. The import of wheat was recorded at 0 against last year’s import of 8,901 metric tons costing $5.1 million during first three quarters of last year. The import of soyabean oil was recorded at 32,323 metric tons costing $41.955 million during the period from July to March 2011-12 as compared to import of 56,179 metric tons worth $56.179 million.

The analysis of data showed that import of milk, cream and milk for infants increased by 6.26 percent during last nine months as milk, cream and food for infants costing $1.21 million were imported to fulfil the domestic requirements. Sugar import decreased by 97.77 percent during last nine months.

 as its imports was recorded at 19,168 metric tons valuing at $15.126 million against import of 10,22,143 metric tons costing 677.145 million.