RAWALPINDI – Lack of traffic signals at Morgah More U-turn has posed life threat to the citizens due to increase in road accidents. 

In the early hours of day, which are office hours traffic rush multiplies and the road becomes impassable for the pedestrians. “We are working as teachers in Rawat Model town and we can not cross this road due to speedy traffic at opening and closing hours of our institutions. We have to wait for hours to cross this road, said a group of lady teachers.

This road goes blocked due to heavy oil tankers traffic and our school wagon stands sandwiched among the oil tankers due to lack of traffic signal and non-appointment of any traffic warden. We often reach late in our schools by one or two hours due to this difficulty, said a group of school students.

Daily one or two ageing persons or children are hit by the cars while crossing the road and they get injured but no action has so far been taken for installation of any traffic signal and appointment of traffic warden, said the residents of area.

The residents demanded immediate installation of traffic signals and deployment of traffic warden.