QUETTA - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran said Friday that incumbent rulers were not capable of solving the Balochistan issue. “Three military operations were conducted in Balochistan but the situation could not improve because military operation is not the solution of problems. If PTI is voted into power, it will provide all political rights to the people and deliver justice,” Imran said addressing a public gathering in Quetta.Over 10,000 people, including women and youngsters waving PTI flags and holding portraits of party leaders participated in the PTI’s public gathering held at hockey ground of Nawab Nuroz Sports Complex. A large number of party workers belonging to other districts of Balochistan also attended the meeting to see their leaders particularly cricketer–turned-politician Imran Khan. Imran said the sole purpose of his Friday’s gathering was to push the situation of Balochistan on the right track as the incumbent rulers did not have capability to solve Balochistan issue. He regretted that three military operations were carried out in Balochistan and force was used to solve the political issues but all were unsuccessful because use of force was not the solution of political issues. “The US carried out operation in Afghanistan and India has deployed its 0.7 million troops in Held Kashmir and using force but they have failed to bring peace,” he added.He held Nawaz Sharif responsible for the prevailing crises, saying PML-N chief had asked APDM to boycott elections that resulted in severe damage to Balochistan.He said PTI tsunami had ultimately reached Quetta although the people were told not to visit Quetta due to poor law and order situation. “Today’s gathering is aimed at bringing happiness to the faces of people and break the chains of fear,” he added.Criticising rulers of Balochistan, Imran said Rs 110 billion had been given to the incumbent government under NFC-Award but the condition of roads and people was miserable. “If this huge amount was spent on the welfare of people they would get free education and jobs. No doubt injustices were done with the Baloch people but its rulers also neglected it.Lambasting the incumbent government, Imran said leaders of the country were afraid of the very people who elected them.He said, “While I was on my way to the rally, I saw the Governor House and its high boundary walls protected with barbed wires. These people residing in governor and prime minister houses, chief minister and president houses are afraid of the people, why?”He said PTI, after coming into power, would bulldoze these houses and set up educational institutes and libraries.Referring to missing persons, he said PTI was standing with relatives of the missing persons and would play its role for their recovery. “It was PTI which held demonstration first time outside the parliament in 2003 for the recovery of missing persons,” he said, adding, PTI would solve the issue of missing persons in accordance with justice.Imran asked angry Baloch leaders to come and talk with him and assured them he would not backtrack from his promises at any cost. He said if PTI voted into power it would bring the murderers of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Benazir Bhutto to justice, introduce best local bodies government and ensure all basic rights to the people at their doorstep.He said the PTI would introduce best police system in Balochistan which could compete with the police of other countries and would be impartial.He said PTI would also take steps to stop the massacre in Karachi and would free Pakistan from the clutches of the US in war against terror.PTI leader said they would help US find a political solution of Afghanistan problem. He said it would make Pakistan a prosperous country.Imran said, fearing of PTI tsunami, political heavyweights were uniting against his party, But the tsunami would sweep them with a single hit.He said PTI tsunami’s next stop would be Rawalpindi.Addressing the gathering PTI leader Javed Hashmi condemned the killing of Nawab Bugti and other Baloch leaders and demanded for an immediate end to the killing of Baloch youths.He asked Baloch exiled leaders to come Pakistan and they would fight jointly to free Pakistan.PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi criticised incumbent rulers, saying they had failed to provide security to the people of Balochistan. He said provincial and federal governments were responsible for the deteriorating law and order in Balochistan.He assured that PTI would bring revolutionary change in the country and would address the grievances of the people of Balochistan.Other leaders, including Khurshi Kasuri, Ibrar-ul-Haq, Azam Swati, Admiral (r) Javed Iqbal and Qasim Sori also addressed the gathering.Strict security measures were taken to thwart any unpleasant incident as police backed by Frontier Corps and Balochistan Constabulary were deployed around the stadium.