ISLAMABAD - President of his own faction of Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Sharif, has blamed the PPP-led ruling alliance for the crises in the country as well as problems of the masses.Addressing a press conference on the occasion of joining PML-N by former Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) chairman Lieutenant General (Retd) Abdul Qayyum here at the Punjab House Friday, he said that presenting defence budget in the parliament was part of the Charter of Democracy (CoD) signed by him and the late PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto.Nawaz Sharif said that mistakes of the past were hindering progress in the Pak-India dialogue process.He said that all the military generals were not like Pervez Musharraf, as they followed law and the constitution.Nawaz Sharif said had his party not played its role of a strong opposition, the government would have destroyed the country, adding that PML-N was playing a role in the service of the country.On this occasion, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that Nawaz Sharif during his visit to Siachen had stated that Pakistan should take lead in the talks over Siachen issue.He said that Imran Khan is quick in leveling allegations but did not care to go to Siachen to express solidarity with Pakistani troops. He said that Imran has crores of rupees which he can spend on public meetings but cannot go to Skardu for express solidarity with the brave soldiers.Lt Gen. (Retd) Abdul Qayyum, while speaking on the occasion, said that he was military secretary to Benazir Bhutto but he had no concern with her political matters nor she consulted him on them. However, General Qayyum said she kept President Asif Ali Zardari away from politics and was not willing to award him a National Assembly ticket. He said that he was invited by the PML-N chief to join the party and he respected his offer. He said that poverty is the biggest enemy of the country. He said that mere gathering of technocrats’ team makes no difference unless there was a visionary leader.Earlier, addressing the laptops distribution ceremony among scholarship holder students of the four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir here at the Convention Centre, Nawaz Sharif said that only his party would bring a positive change in the country as it did in the past.Without naming Imran Khan, he said that some people were talking about bringing a change but they must know that it was the PML-N which brought change in Pakistan in the past, was doing so today and in future as well it would bring positive change in the country.The PML-N president said that by carrying out nuclear tests, they made the world to respect green passport of Pakistan. He said when his government was dismissed in 1999, there were no acts of terrorism or suicide blasts and the country was becoming an economic and military power. Similarly, there were no drone attacks or violation of our borders and India was far behind Pakistan economically. “Today, India is being recognized as an economic power in Asia and only yesterday it carried out missile test with a range of 5000 miles.” He said if he had been the prime minister, Pakistan would also have done so and hoped that the concerned institutions would have been working on that.Nawaz Sharif said that he had approved missile technology and thunder aircraft projects.He rejected the criticism over distribution of laptops and said these were being distributed among talented students without inquiring their affiliations with any party.