The Director General Civil Aviation Authority Nadeem Yusufzai has said that there was no technical fault in the ill-fated plane that crashed on Friday as it was thoroughly checked before departure from Karachi. Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Yusufzai said the maintenance and performance of the aircraft was checked as per standards as the CCA makes no compromises on it. He said the last contact of the aircraft with control tower was when it was six kilometers from the airport. He said the flight operation was according to rules and till the unfortunate tragedy, the plane was flying smoothly. He said the control tower gave the clearance to the pilot for landing with instructions to check all the gears. The DG CAA said the landing gears of the plane were down but it is to be investigated what happened when the plane started descending from 2600 feet. In reply to a question, Nadeem Yusufzai rejected speculations that the Bhoja airline was given permission to resume operation under some pressure. He said CCA is a regulatory body and its international rating stands at No.10 among its counterparts. He said they do not compromise safety because they are related with international standards. The MD CAA said the company entered into a joint venture and all its planes were fully inspected. Replying to another question, Yusufzai said the Blackbox containing information about engine operation, flight conditions, speed and height has been found and it would be sent abroad for decoding which could take three months to one year. He said the voice recording between the Captain and the control tower has been preserved. Meanwhile sources said initial investigations reveal that the plane had caught fire before it crashed which may have been caused by bad weather and lighting striking the plane. The plane had lost contact with the control tower prior to the crash. The four member team constituted by Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi is being led by experienced civil aviation official Mujahid Islam and other members include Kabir Khan. Dr Ijaz and Imanullah Alvi. The investigation team collected forensic evidence from the site of crash. The control of the crash site has been handed over by the army to civil authorities.