KARACHI  - President of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), Mustafa Kamal, has denied that he committed to Bangladesh’s tour of Pakistan in return for Pakistan Cricket Board’s support of his vice-president candidacy for the International Cricket Council (ICC).

“No that is absolutely incorrect. I can’t get the vice-presidency with Pakistan’s support only. I need endorsements from at least 7 of 10 full members of the ICC to acquire the important office,” said Kamal, a private television channel, reported.

According to the petition filed in the Dhaka High Court, Kamal had committed to the tour without the permission of the relevant authorities. Speaking after the tour was postponed, Kamal said that his sincerity should not be doubted. “PCB and BCB are striving hard for the betterment of cricket in the region, and I hope the bilateral cooperation will continue,” he added.