The power shortfall in the country is at 2,910 megawatts as loadshedding continues. The government promises every year that the menace would end. Just yesterday, I saw clips on a news channel of a politician’s interview in 2005, in which he said there would be no loadshedding in 2006. Just imagine, and this is 2012! When will this serious problem end? We live in a developing country but the current situation of Pakistan worsens day by day. Students are another significant segment of society that has been badly hit by unabated loadshedding all over the country. Not only that their studies at their institutions are affected, they have no relief even in their homes because of the frequent shutdowns. Students face many problems in preparations for examinations during hot summers, and in addition, there is no electricity even in examination halls where they take their examinations, hot and sweating. Generators and UPS have become essential items in every household, but there are many who cannot afford them. The government must take action now, before it is too late and things worsen in Pakistan.


Karachi, April 16.