KARACHI- Pakistan State Oil (PSO) announced Friday that the country’s leading energy company has been awarded the contract for setting up of a fuel farm, maintenance of hydrant refueling system and refueling operations at the New Benazir Bhutto International Airport (Islamabad).

A PSO spokesman said this contract was awarded to state-owned energy giant after a transparent, competitive and open bidding process that took place at the Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF) headquarters in Islamabad on 28th March 2012. The entire procedure was carried out under the supervision of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) representatives and was conducted between three pre-qualified parties namely Shell Pakistan, Attock Petroleum and Pakistan State Oil. The IPDF had defined the criteria for the successful bidder as being pre-qualified in the initial stage and submitting the highest proposal amongst all bidding parties. In the process, PSO was declared as the highest bidder for the project.

With the award of this project, PSO shall continue to serve the fuel needs of the nation with dedication. It is a matter of pride that country’s flagship airport shall be supplied by PSO, the largest Pakistani oil marketing company.

The company has been working relentlessly to ensure uninterrupted supplies to every facet of the economy and is committed to enshrine Pakistan’s name amongst the ranks of the leading nations of the world.