RAWALPINDI - Darkness, bad weather and lack of coordination hampered the rescue and search efforts at the site of Bhoja Airline flight B4-213 that crashed at Hussainabad Village (commonly known as Hermaira) near Toot Stop killing all 129 passengers on board.The plane crashed about 5km from Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport. Soon after the incident, all the rescue departments including Rescue 1122, Fire brigades of City District Government Rawalpindi, Civil Defence, ambulances of Pakistan Air Force, District Headquarter Hospital, Military Hospital, Combined Military Hospital and CDA rushed to the incident place, however, got blocked because of big rush of pedestrians and motorists, which thronged on Hermaira Road to see the plane crash site. Despite hectic efforts of the law-enforcement agencies, the road could not be opened for smooth flow of ambulances and fire brigades. The exchange of hot words could also be witnessed between the motorists and Islamabad police, deputed there to get in only the ambulances to carry the victims of the crash. A number of vehicles bumped into each other because of traffic block. ‘With darkness and rain, the people who have nothing to do with the incident are big barriers in our rescue operation’, said a Rescue 1122 ambulance driver.A convoy of Pakistan Army also faced a lot of troubles in making the way to the incident place. Many troops opted to move by foot to reach the plane crash site. In a bid to avoid any untoward incident, the law-enforcers were also deputed around the incident place.Javed Akhtar, a local, who was sitting near the place at the time of plane crash, told The Nation that he was sitting alongwith his friends when they saw a huge blaze ball that just went down in the middle of Hussainabad village, demolishing houses and crashing after multiple explosions. ‘Then we ran towards the incident place and saw it was a plane’, Javed said ,adding, that the wreckage of plane and human body parts were scattered in half kilometer area of Hussainabad village.  Zahid Sharif, another eyewitness of the same village, was of view that he was standing under a shelter because of rain when he saw a huge fire ball coming swiftly to the ground. ‘Within no time, the fire ball landed on the houses and blasted with a bang destroying all the houses’, he said. He said that he got unconscious for 5 minutes after seeing this tragic incident. ‘The plane crashed, that’s what happened. I really don’t want to talk about it’, he added.According to reports, nearby villagers reached at the scene but nobody dared to go near the wreckage of the plane. On the other hand, the rescuers experienced a lot of difficulties in search operation owing to rain and darkness.