Whatever the findings of the Memo commission or the Supreme Court of Pakistan may be, the twists and turns taken by ex-Ambassador Hussain Haqqani in the memo case indicate that he is more of a miscreant. By creating the drama of misplacing or losing his two black-berry phones he may be able to befool his supporters but not the country’s intelligentsia. The phone company’s reply that it has not been able to trace out the contents of the ‘lost’ phones may please Mr Haqqani but again the people are not fools. It is obvious that if a person enjoying the status of an ambassador is incapable of looking after his phones containing many job secrets, how can we expect a company preserving the contents of thousands of phones it has sold?

Secondly, Mr Haqqani’s efforts to escape from the case by not coming to Pakistan under the cover of a ‘life threat’ are not convincing. Before leaving Pakistan he was comfortably living in the Prime Minister’s house enjoying all the luxuries of life. If he comes back, I am sure the PM will not refuse to accommodate him. He will also be provided full security cover along with a bullet proof car for appearing before the memo commission or the Supreme Court. His shifting from London to USA for medical treatment is another farce. All these treacherous moves are designed to drag the case to such an extent that it ‘fizzles out’ like many cases in the past.


Lahore, April 19.