In the East where the Azaan is called loudly from mosques five times a day, calling to Salah and promising ‘Falah’, people don’t feel the importance of the Azaan and what it does to the soul of a Muslim. At many places, it can be observed that despite hearing the call to prayers, the people continue chatting between themselves instead of respecting that call. It has become something that happens five times every day, with the call being heard from various mosques in the locality. This said, we may be unable to understand the happiness that the Muslims of Sweden must be feeling when the Swedish authorities allowed the recitation of Azaan for Friday prayers.

The permission, which allows the Fittja Mosque in a Stockholm suburb to give the call for prayers only on Friday for three to five minutes between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. Despite the fact that this approval applies only to Friday prayers, the decision is a positive one. This is the first time that the call to prayers has been approved in Sweden and for the first time on Friday next week Azaan will be given. May we all be blessed to hear the call of Allah in most of the European countries?


Karachi, April 13.