KASUR  - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Mian Nawaz Sharif said that May 11 would be the day of judgement and the people would revenge the plunderers by voting against them.

Addressing an election rally in Kasur on Saturday, Nawaz criticised the PPP government for letting the country down in every field. He said that the PPP could have solved the problem of loadshedding, if it had made sincere efforts. “Today masses are living under miserable conditions due to the flawed policies of the PPP government.”

He said that the PML-N would have ended loadshedding, if it were in power. He claimed to end the loadshedding in three, if people voted his party into power.

He said that the leaders who pushed the country into crises would be held accountable by the people. He vowed that the PML-N would solve all the problems of the country and would provide opportunities to masses after coming into power. H said that his party would give loans to unemployed youth. He urged the people to change the destiny of the country by electing honest people. The former premier said that the country was facing terrorism and lawlessness while the people were dying of hunger.

Nawaz said that the people had seen the fate of the man who broke the Constitution. He said that people should learn a lesson from the end of Pervez Musharraf. “The one who sent us to jail is himself in jail now.”  He said that he could forgive Musharraf but law would punish him for violating the Constitution. “I am not a vindictive person.”

PML-N ticket holders including Malik Rasheed Ahmed, Rana Muhammad Iqbal, Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan, Rana Muhammd Hayat, Sheikh Waseem Akhtar, Naeem Safdar and Ehsan Raza were also present.

Staff Reporter from Lahore adds: Speaking to party workers, Nawaz Sharif said that the PPP has ruined the economy of the country that was in an excellent shape when his party was in power.  The former premier said the economy of the country depended on performance of the financial institutions which had been destroyed. “Our economy is in shambles; banks are in trouble because of poor policies of the former government.” The PML-N, Nawaz said, was aware of the problems facing the financial sector of the country and it would take revolutionary steps to improve the situation after coming into power. He added that political interference in the affairs of the financial institutions and banks was tantamount to pillaging the state exchequer.

The former premier said the PPP defrauded people by renaming PML-N’s national income support programme as Benazir Income Support Programme and then embezzling billions of rupees under this scheme. He said that the PML-N would hold corrupt people accountable, recover looted public money and put the country on the right track.