On the second day of the three-day International Judicial Conference 2013, the participants assembled in nine thematic groups and deliberated on various issues related to administration of justice.

The thematic groups included Role of judiciary in the Developing World, Rule of Law and International Peace, Terrorism and Money Laundering, Public Interest Litigation: a Tool to Protect Fundamental Rights, Role of Judiciary in Consumer Protection, Legal and Judicial Education, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Parental Child Abduction and Transnational Jurisdiction and Cyber Crimes.

The objective of holding International Judicial Conference is to provide a forum for interaction to the international and national luminaries of law to devise ways and means for improving the administration of justice which is a cornerstone of civilised and democratic society. The recommendations of the conference will be presented before the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee for consideration.

Each thematic session was chaired by a judge of the Supreme Court and co-chaired by the judges of the Supreme Court and chief justices of the high courts. The Chief Justice of Afghanistan, Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Judge Supreme Court of India, Judges of Supreme Court of Libya & Iran, judge High Court of Bhutan and intellectuals and eminent jurists from the UK, India and Iran etc attended the Sessions as panelist and speakers. Besides, the Chief Justice of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Justice Supreme Appellate Court Gilgit Baltistan, Chief Justice AJK High Court, Chief Judge GB and representative of the Supreme Court, High Court and District Bar Associations also attended the Conference.

Groups started their proceedings with the welcome remarks by the Chair followed by presentation of papers. Each group had an exhaustive discussion on topics followed by a question answer session. After presentations, the floor was open for deliberation and recommendations.