People have been a litany of complaints about up to 16-hour loadshedding but authorities have been dragging their feet over the matter. Lesco, Fesco, Gepco and Iesco (power distribution companies for Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Islamabad) are under the grip of severe shortage and they are getting around 40 per cent of electricity from the national grid.  Severe shortage of fuel for power plants and cut in hydel generation due to decrease in outflow of water from major dams are being cited as the reasons for the loadsheddings. 

The energy basket is facing shortage of more than 60 per cent and the all hopes are pinned at improvement in hydel generation in coming week or so because of irrigation requirements.

“Electricity demand is standing around 8,500MW against the need of more than 15,000MW,” said an official.

 The independent power plants and Wapda-owned thermal power plants are jointly supplying 60,00MW and hydel sources  2,500MW.

 The rural areas of Punjab are under the grip of around 16-hour blackout and the major cities are facing 14 hours shutdown.