I have never voted in the elections, and do not intend to do any time soon. I did not vote previously because I am sick and tired of the 'elected' plunderers, who do not pay taxes, break the law like its God's command, and impose all sorts of emotional and economic burden on me in multiple ways. That being said, I must note that Imran Khan's advent on the political scene has at least threatened to change the unbridled chicanery, which has been foisted upon our hapless masses.

If the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf makes an impact, then the proportion of charlatans, who lord over the Assemblies, may be altered. Other than that, Imran's boastful slogans smell of the same old tomfoolery, which has allowed crooks to rule us. So, if I were him what I could possibly do to convey some earnestness and seriousness in my slogan of 'Naya Pakistan' would be to prove by my actions how I am going to change Pakistan. Most of this should have been done by now, but better late than never.

Starting from now, all PTI members and office bearers should not only promise to do all of the given below things but start doing them. They should all promise that they will not break any law or facilitate the breaking of any law. This includes all kinds of laws such as traffic laws, tax laws and any and all laws that affect our lives. They will not only obey the laws but educate others through example. They should encourage all their members to keep a check on each other. They should promise not to pay any bribe for any facility and live by the basis of justice spelled out in the Holy Koran Chapter 4, verse 135. (I choose not to write it here because I want your readers to go see it for themselves).

They should tell the people how serious they are about ‘walking the talk’ and not just about talk. If all this happens, I may just be moved enough to go to vote. May Allah guide and help us in this endeavour


Lahore, April 20.