It is very sad to see that Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) is fast losing its competitiveness and efficiency and its performance remains below par as compared to Public Service Commission of Punjab and KPK. One glaring example of this unfortunate fact is that it conducted screening test for the post of ASI in police seven months before, but failed to take any written test. Same is the case with PCS/PMS that was announced in September, 2013 along with test date but once again SPSC proved the true that proverb "old habits seldom die". No news is heard of the fate of PCS/PMS since the past seven months.

Sindh province homes roughly 60 million populace of the country, with a number of public and private universities producing educated youth every year. Unemployment and inflation has surged to unimaginable level but educated youth is left in the lurch to fend for themselves. At the Federal level, as soon as PML-N ascended the throne, one of the few things that it did, was to impose ban on government jobs and at the provincial level there are meager employment opportunities for educated youth. But even those vacancies are filled directly by the department itself, flagrantly violating established rules and bypassing SPSC, that more than often results in sheer nepotism. In this whole saga, SPSC seems to appear as a silent spectator.

SPSC needs dynamic leadership that can not only steer it out of dormancy but also get it rid of political and bureaucratic influence. For this, we need a man of strong nerves and academic repute who will be suitable rather than another political crony, who is bound to reciprocate his appointing lord.


Islamabad, April 8.