We were still enjoying the new face of Sindh, where happy people were dancing and singing to the tunes of ‘Sindh Saga’ when the cruel and bitter reality of Sindh raised its head from Tharparker. The poor, dying in Thar, were of no importance for the rulers, who were reviving the spirit of our Mughal Dynasty which was destroyed because the rulers were busy in enjoyment. They were reviving the civilization of Mohenjo-Daro and while doing so they did their best to turn the present day Thar into a Mohenjo-Daro. Droughts, negligence on the part of government machinery and lack of food, due to inappropriate supply that was blocked by corrupt bureaucracy, left blessed little angles to die in misery.

Livestock faced famine and perished. It is irony of fate that we always lock the stable after the mare has been stolen. For years and years, we have been facing this same situations but no remedy for these catastrophes has been seriously sought. Should we only pray to Almighty Allah to change our destiny and leave everything to the will of the rulers to decide our fate, or should Pakistan stand up for its citizens and ask why the poor and the innocent die?


Islamabad, March 16.