It is often thought that an enemy is like a deadly virus; it multiplies and harms the body from within thus stopping growth and disturbing the whole body. Some viruses are more dangerous than others and can kill the body slowly. These viruses are responsible for various infectious diseases as the first make the body vulnerable and then spread. It is always hard to define an ‘enemy of the state’, it can be any person who is either insincere or remains disloyal to the nation. The term enemy should be taken in all its different shapes– as very often the term is associated with the harm that is being done to the citizens, officials, the state’s property or the Constitution. All those who contribute to such harms can be taken as enemy of the state.

All those can be considered as enemies of the state who are not performing their assigned duties, be they elected members of the Assemblies or people selected by the state. The lawmakers who break the law, teachers who play with the lives of the students, journalists who misinform people, law executioners who give freedom to criminals, officials who do not perform their duty but use their office to make personal wealth are all enemies of the state.

The overall structure of the society can improve if each one of us could become more responsible and law abiding citizens. Both collective and individual efforts are needed to play a more responsible role to contribute to the social well-being of the society for raising the standard of life and living conditions of the citizens.


Islamabad, April 16.