WASHINGTON - The United States has condemned the vicious attack on GEO TV anchor Hamid Mir in Karachi on Saturday, terming it the latest in a “series of worrisome attacks” on journalists in Pakistan. “Freedom of the Press, including ensuring that journalists can safely carry out their vital mission, is of paramount importance to freedom of expression and to the healthy functioning of any democracy,” State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said in a formal statement issued here on Saturday evening.
According to media reports, Mir was targeted by unknown gunmen who reportedly were following his car in Karachi on Saturday. The attack on the anchorperson drew strong condemnation from the country’s leadership and journalist community. He is receiving treatment for the injuries sustained in the attack in a Karachi hospital.
“As (US) Ambassador (Richard) Olson powerfully said just recently, attacks like these should be a wake-up call to all who value democracy in Pakistan,” the spokesperson said.
“We wish Hamid Mir a speedy recovery, and urge the Government of Pakistan to bring all those responsible for these attacks on the media to justice,” she added.