If you think this is a privileged woman's opinion, remember that I belong to a gender which needs colour coded transport to be considered safe.

Recently a rickshaw transport service has been launched in Pakistan aimed at women from the "lower social stratas". The 'Pink Rickshaw' service, initiated by a Pakistani woman fed up with being groped and harassed by male rickshaw drivers, aims to make transport and the streets safer for women.

I'll admit, it sounds pretty good. We women can go back and forth with much less fear and apprehension, our mothers can relieve themselves of dua duty for a few guilty seconds while we are out and our fathers and brothers can relieve themselves of chaperone duty for instances. But is that really so?

The same men who groped and harassed the founder and multiple other women roam scot-free; free of judgment, ostracism, consequences; free of law. The best is they don't even consider themselves or their actions wrong or worthy of retaliation and jail. These same men thrive. They are not only rickshaw drivers but politicians, professors, fathers, brothers, uncles, doctors and friends. They grope, harass, abuse, molest and rape with impunity because they can. Because they are allowed to. And none of this happens in a vacuum, it is a designed system meant to silence women into subjugation and transfer them from one man's possession to another's as quietly as possible.

The reason girls are not allowed to report harassment and rape is the same reason girls aren't allowed to be vocal about their choices, decisions. The way girls react to rickshaw drivers, professors, policemen is similar to the way they react to husbands, fathers, brothers when faced with abuse.

So how much of a development is the 'Pink Rickshaw'?

Don't get me wrong, I do think it is a great initiative on the founders' behalf. It creates job opportunities and provides a sense of sisterhood in a sausage fest of a country. It has also highlighted that only women can step up for each other.

But is it really development if women have to look for pink-coloured rickshaws to feel somewhat safe? Is it really development when transport for women has to be coloured pink? Is it really development when all we women can trust ourselves with is women? Women who are half of the time proponents and upholders of patriarchy themselves? Is it really development when we have to create a segregated space to feel respected?

Why weren't abusive rickshaw drivers subject to law and order? If women are half of the population why aren't half of the drivers female? Why do we women have to go great lengths to make up for male brutality in spite of being on the receiving side? Why is it easier to segregate women than it is to punish men?

We have been living and thriving in segregation ever since patriarchy was established, we do not need more of it, we are half of the world and more than ready and able to pull our weight, gender equality is a debate for the less thoughtful and more ignorant. We are already the Other; we do not need pink metal boxes to bring that home.

Since women as a gender stand at the same place they did before and after the Pink Rickshaw service, what type of development or progress is this? This is an illusion of choice.

It's like "ok you have a choice to choose normal rickshaws and get harassed or the pink ones and still get harassed but not in rickshaws because you women should be smart enough to not meddle in the real world which belongs to men, stick to your pink houses and pink clothes". And isn't that the case with everything?

Harp "change!" when girls travel with male drivers with no fear because there is a system intact to punish sex offenders; when male relatives stop chaperoning their female relatives because they know what their gender is capable of in a system they run; when female drivers don't need pink coloured rickshaws to be legitimate and employed; when women dont need segregated pink rickshaws to earn a living or get transport.

Harp "change!" when we stop being the other, second class entity who still needs designated space to feel safe.