Apropos an article under the title Bearded Hypocrisy in the Nation (20th February), the very title speaks volumes about the bias of the write. One in no time understands that the writer is going to write against the religious-cum-political parties. The learned writer goes on in his write-up and labels the religious-political leaders ‘the bearded brigades’ derogatorily. Some of the bearded ones in the country, by the way, have reached a constitutional body called the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) so speaking and writing against beards is tantamount to disgrace and humiliation of the bearded members of the CII. Furthermore, a religious Islamic scholar is allotted yet another derogatory label ‘Mullah’. In my life experience whenever a person uses or writes the word ‘Mullah’, he/she speaks and writes venomously against him. In yet other place in the article the learned writer uses the expression the ‘tenants’ of Islam for the religious leaders.

One other English daily of known credibility and large readership the other day wrote an editorial under the caption Sate vs the Clerics in which the religious leaders gathered a few days back at Mansoora, Lahore were called ‘the constellation of ignominy’. We hope English print media including writers in English and persons associated with English print media will give due attention to this, and impolite linguistic expressions will be avoided. I am dead sure the writer under discussion wouldn’t mind the the derogatory word ‘hack’ if I used it for him as a writer.


Charsadda, March 20.