ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has total declared assets worth Rs1.96 billion while he has no property overseas, according to the details issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

ECP severely criticized for taking down the list of Parliamentarians from its website, now issued on Thursday details of the assets of National Assembly members.

According to the provided details Prime Minister does not own property overseas. while his son Hussain Nawaz had transferred Rs21 crore and 56 lac to his father from overseas business.

PM has two house worth Rs 25 crore and 40 lac, while Kalsoom Nawaz is owner of four houses worth Rs 430.43 million and 38 thousands and the total cost of five vehicle are Rs 10.42 lac and 74 thousands.

As per the list PM has Rs60.48 lac and 54 thousands and 749 in his seven accounts while he is possesses Rs23 lac and 26 thousands in cash .PM’s wife has Rs 7.5million and 72thusands and 612 in her three accounts.

According to EC list PM has share of worth Rs130.20million and 39 thousands and 930 in five mills while Kalsoom Nawaz Share in four mills are Rs 6.6million and 78thousands and 720 while she has no property overseas.

According to details Sharif family is owner of a house situated upper mall worth Rs 250million, Jati Umra house worth Rs 4million agriculture land in Lahore worth of Rs 99cror and 25lac and 20 thousands while agriculture land in Sheikhupura worth of Rs 10.78 million and 12 thousands and 500, agriculture land in Shaikhupura 2 worth Rs 70million a house in Murre worth Rs 100million, a house situated in Changla Gali Abbotabad worth Rs 80.3million and 38 thousands and 830.

PM’s Chaudhry Sugar mills worth Rs 120.1million and 25 thousands and 380, Hudaibiya engendering company private Ltd worth Rs 2.2million and 21 thousands and 300, Hudabya paper mills worth Rs 3.4million and 34 thousands and 250, Muhammad Baghsh Textile mill worth over Rs 4.6 million.

Similarly Nawaz Sharif and his family have others property, business and bank accounts worth millions rupees, according to ECP details.

As per the list Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Chairman Imran Khan has assets worth of Rs one billion and 310million.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman is possesses of Rs 6.8million and do not own car under their names while Jamshed Dasti is a poor parliamentarian with total declared assets worth Rs 2653 and page of NA speaker Ayaz Sadiq asset detail is missing on the EC website.

According to EC Imran Khan has no offshore property while Bani Gala house worth of Rs 750million was given to him as gift and Zaman Park house worth of Rs 220million and he has prado car worth Rs5million while he is owner of the luxury flat situated on constitution avenue and has two cows worth three lac and one buffalo while Reham Khan has 5.2million in her bank accounts.

Captain Safdar son in law of PM has total declared assets worth more than one crore while Hamza Shahbaz has assets worth Rs 34crore and opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah has total declared assets worth RS 4crore and 86lac.