LAHORE - The Punjab Bar Council (PBC) yesterday supported independent investigation of Panama leaks , announcing that it would not accept any ‘Commission’ without lawyers. PBC Vice-Chairman Ch Muhammad Hussain said that the council alone could not do anything without the consent and support of all remaining councils of the country. Next week, all Pakistan lawyers’ convention would be held to make further strategy as how the matter of panama leaks could be investigated independently.

He expressed these views during his meeting with PTI delegation led by senior leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi at the council’s office yesterday. “Alone, it is not possible for the council to fight against corruption, it appeals to all other councils to stand up with unity and support the cause,” said Hussain. Hussain said the lawyers always played their due role against corruption and would continue it for the supremacy of law. He vowed they would not let any conspiracy take place in the country.

“There are 95,000 registered members of the bar and they all unanimously will decide their strategy against corruption,” said Hussain. He further said “it were lawyers who never surrendered before the lawlessness; they stood against all challenges with complete unity.”

Ch Muhammad Hussain said the lawyers always supported democracy and this time again they would not let anyone derail the system.

Earlier, Shah Mahmood Quresh with party delegation held consultation meeting with office bearers of the Punjab Bar Council on the issue of formation of judicial commission to probe the allegations of Panama leaks . Qureshi presented some suggestions before the council regarding formation of the commission.

Later, talking to the reporters, Qureshi said the matter of Panama leaks is not merely a political issue; the demand of independent inquiry into allegations of panama leaks is purely reasonable.

Qureshi said they were observing that status quo is losing its strength; it is time to raise voice against it and adopt a clear cut opinion on the issue. He appreciated the role of lawyers urging them to be united again for larger national interest. He said PTI was approaching all segments of the society to fight against lawlessness and corruption. He stated the party’s delegation conveyed its concerns to the bar leaders over constitution of the judicial commission by the government and discussed possible solutions for a fair and transparent probe into the matter. “PTI simply wants an independent inquiry into the matter and have serious concerns over formation of the commission by the government,” said Qureshi. Few days ago, Qureshi called on representatives of Supreme Court Bar Association and presented its suggestions to the bar leadership regarding formation of the commission on Panama leaks .

It is first time that majority of lawyers seem angry with the ruling party over the issue of constitution of commission to probe into the allegations of panama leaks .