Rawalpindi Islamabad Sports Journalists Association (RISJA) president Mohsin Ali and secretary Shakir Abbasi lashes out at honorary chairman Abdul Mohi Shah for creating divide among sports journalist community.

They also dubbed conduct of holding a meeting of non-sports elements in the name of RISJA and appointing so-called seven-member ad-hoc committee. Shakir said if Mohi Shah had the backing of majority of sports journalists then he should have tabled no-confidence and convened general council meeting, instead of inviting non-members to take an unlawful action.

“No has right sabotage RISJA unity. They are the same persons, who inflicted huge damages in the 2012 elections of the Pakistan Sports Writers Federation (PSWF) held in Karachi, which resulted against RISJA, which was thrown out of the PSWF.

But now with the active efforts of elected president and secretary, not only RISJA was given full respect in the PSWF, but also its general council meeting was allocated to Islamabad,” he said.

“RISJA’s Zahid Farooq Malik was elected unopposed as PSWF secretary, which shows that the entire sports journalists associations of Pakistan pose full confidence in RISJA’s elected leadership. The arrival of world body and Asian body representatives on special invitation of RISJA to Islamabad is also a clear proof that how much elected president and secretary of RISJA enjoy respect at world level,” RISJA secretary added.

Shakir said that unfortunately, some black sheep wanted to sabotage the entire achievements and wanted to create unwanted hurdles in smooth functioning of RISJA affairs. “They are the same persons, who, with the help of PSB officials, played spoilers role, stabbed in the back of the entire journalists’ community and blocked sports journalists’ entry into Pakistan Sports Complex which was quite astonishing and condemnable.”

The RISJA secretary asserted that they would not only take stern action against those who were involved in bringing RISJA into dispute but also issue showcause notice to them and ensure no one could dare to harm sports journalists’ unity.

“They have made a huge mistake of appointing illegal ad-hoc committee and issued statements in a section of press without even informing elected representatives. We will not tolerate such dirty policies and ensure RISJA’s unity and safeguard the rights of the members like we had done in the past. If anyone claims the support of majority members, he should come to the general council and show their strength, or else be prepared for the consequences,” Shakir concluded.