ISLAMABAD  - Expressing annoyance over non-completion of computerisation of the province’s land record, the Supreme Court Wednesday directed the chief secretary Sindh to file a report in this regard in two months.

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali heard a suo moto, which former chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had taken up on the complaints of corruption in revenue departments.

The court asked the secretary to complete micro-filming and computerisation of the land after verification within three months.

The court observed that in five years complete computerised record is not available even of a single district of Sindh. The chief justice said that the Sindh government entangles the courts’ order on any issue in administrative matters, adding the revenue and inspection departments of Sindh are totally non-functional, as not a single inquiry or inspection is finalised so far.

Chief Sectary Sindh Muhammad Siddique Memon, member Revenue Board Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Consultant Revenue Board Nazar Muhammad Leghari and Additional Advocate General Sindh Sharyar Qazi appeared before the bench.

The consultant Revenue Board informed that the DCOs of some districts, including Qambar Shoudha are not cooperating in computerisation while there are serious errors and fraud committed in the land record of other districts.

Nazar Leghari asked the court to direct the chief secretary to appoint honest officers for the computerisation of land record. If that is done then whole record could be computerised within 2 to 3 months.

The member Revenue Board presenting the report apprised that 90 per cent record has been completed and Rs15 billion were allocated for the job. Justice Hani Muslim rejected the report and asked to inform about a single district whose land record has been computerised fully. The consultant informed that there are 870 mauzas in the Sindh province, whose record is yet to be computerised. He claimed the DCOs of some districts were not cooperating with them, therefore, till date they were unable to prepare micro-film of 61 mauzas.

The chief secretary told that a committee has been formed for the preparation of micro-film of all districts’ lands. He said through micro-filming re-writing of land would be completed and then after the verification of all the record it would be uploaded on website.

Justice Hani said it was shameful that despite spending a huge amount the land record of Sindh could not be completed. The chief justice remarked that Punjab is a large province but it has completed the computerisation. He said it was not the job of the apex court but they had taken up the issue in the public interest.

Justice Hani said the Sindh government does not like to computerise its land record, adding as far as member Revenue Board Zulfiqar Shah remains on the post the Sindh land record would not be computerised as on every hearing he tells a different story.